Finding the Right Realtor

Real estate agents are here to make your transition into a new home easier. You want someone you can trust, who is an expert and always looking out for your best interest. Choosing the right Realtor is essential, so make sure you take time to interview a few different professionals before you decide who to work with. Here are the top four areas to focus on as you choose a Realtor:

Personality Fit: I know this one might sound obvious, but meshing with the Realtor you choose is so important. You will be working closely throughout the process of buying and/or selling your home, which will be several months, so you want to make sure it is someone you can trust, confide in, be yourself around and simply enjoy talking to. This must be a person who respects what you and your family are planning for your future, and someone who can ease a stressful time.

Negotiation Expertise: A Realtor who is a skillful negotiator will make your purchase and/or sale immensely easier. You want someone who is always looking out for your best interest when deals are at hand, yet knows how to find common ground with the other side. You want the other parties in the transaction to cooperate and work with you, rather than against you. Not only will does your Realtor negotiate the price, but a Realtor also negotiates inspection items, possession terms and more. It takes a seasoned, sophisticated negotiator to do that well.

Attention to Detail: Did you know that a real estate transaction can involve 7-10 different people (not including you) and a mountain of paperwork to make it all legal? A good Realtor stays on top of all the details and is a skilled project manager. Your Realtor will most likely be handling a loan originator, loan processor, inspector(s), repair contractor(s), title professionals, escrow manager, other realtors, and more. The details will make or break a transaction, so pick someone you are confident can keep all the balls in the air and get you successfully to the closing table. With the right agent, the process should feel like a breeze to YOU!

Marketing Power: Marketing is crucial when it comes to selling your home for top dollar and quickly. Make sure the Realtor and brokerage you choose have an effective marketing plan that is clearly explained to you. Marketing a home should include a mixture of staging, online presence, networking, social media, open houses, marketing materials, and more.

Whether you are planning to buy, sell, or both, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss my approach to buying, selling, and marketing real estate. Let’s meet to see if we are a good fit for each other!

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