How to save on your property tax bill

Don’t pay too much property tax! There are huge savings to be had if you bought a new house or refinanced a mortgage in 2018.

Property tax deductions must be filed with your county auditor by December 31, 2018Homestead and mortgage deductions can save you nearly 50% on your annual tax bill! 

At all my closings, the title company agrees to file the homestead deduction for you, but I always recommend double-checking that it was accepted and posted by the county auditor before the end of the year since this is such a huge $ savings. The mortgage deduction is not typically filed for you by the title company (it is considerably less $$$, but it is still money saved), so you will need to file that yourself.

Deductions are also available for veterans, seniors, geothermal systems, etc. Check out this Indiana website for details. You do not need to fill out forms before going, just take your whole file from closing to your county auditor’s office and they will take out the papers they need and give you their forms you need to complete. Very simple. 

Marion County residents will visit the City-County building in downtown Indianapolis to file deductions. This is located at 200 E. Washington St, Suite 801.

Hamilton County residents will go to the county courghouse on the square in Noblesville at 33 N. 9th St, Suite L21. Here is a link with a lot of good information:

If you’re outside of Marion or Hamilton County, use this link to find your county auditor’s office:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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